Welcome to the Rajkamal Tech Blog.  We have created this blog to help those people who want to earn money online or want to learn something new on the internet.  Like doing video editing, photo editing etc.

Purpose of making blog 

Free information about Blogging and Seo is our main objective and on this blog you will also get information of online earning.  

It is also our aim to help those who are online bloggers and want to learn, which will make the blogging community even stronger.  

If you want to know about computer, then it is our purpose to give information about it so that internet user can do any work easily.  There will also be knowledge about making money from YouTube, in which we will teach you how to grow YouTube channel.

About Me 

My name is Rajkamal Kusawaha and the founder of this website and I am from Jharkhand state of India.  Blogging and YouTube is my passion and I have been working in this field for the last 2 year.

We started writing proper posts on this blog from September 04, 2020, which has been going on continuously and if you have support, good posts will always come for you.  

If you want to contact us, you can contact us with the help of contact us form and can give any advice or suggestion.