In today's post, you will learn how to apply Share Button in Blog. And if you like this post, then do share comments.

You have to use Html and CSS to place the share button, as you will know that Html is present in all the websites and CSS works in making the page smart. you can make your website  Can give a beautiful luck with CSS.

Friends, it is very easy to put the share button. first of all you have to backup your theme so that if there are some mistakes while applying the share button in your theme. then your whole theme will be spoiled it is mostly with them.  Those who do not have any kind of knowledge of html but you have no need to panic if you do not have any knowledge of Html, yet I will tell you in a very easy way, through which you can put share button on your blog.

What are the benefits of applying the Share button in a post?

Through this button, users can share your post on some other platform.  Buttons are used by many bloggers who know the benefits of them.  If you also want to install this button, it is very easy to install the button, we tell below.  If you apply such a share button, your page view will increase. and The more your page view, the higher will be your earnings.

How to add social share button in blog ?

So let's tell you the step through which you can add share button to your blog.

1. You have to come to your blog theme option first.  After this you have to backup the team so that if there is any problem while adding the share button, then you can repair it again.

2. Then you have to open the theme html by clicking on Edite Html. and search for <head> after that you have to paste the below coed under </head> For more information you can see the image below.

3.  Again you have been given a CSS code below, the share button has been designed by this code, you have to paste this code above </head> as shown in the image.

4. Again you fall down a code which is the main format of HTML.

A.  You have to paste this code between <body> to </body>. Or you can paste above </body>, or below <body>.  For more information, you can watch the video below.

B.  If you want to use it on Blogger, then you have to watch the video below properly, then only you can apply it or else it will not work completely.

After this, you have to save the theme. the share button has been installed in your theme, you can open your blog and even after this, if you face any kind of problem. then comment us in the comment box below and tell me. We will definitely help you.

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