Today, through this post, you will know how you can put a button in a post.

    " Friends, as you will know, you need HTML to add buttons to the post. But you do not need to panic, in this post I have told you the completely easy way, by which you can put any kind of button in your page. ,,

Code :-

How To add button in post ?

Step :-

1. First of all, you have to open the post in which you want to add the button.

2. Type something where you want to place the button.  Like - 12345

3. After that you have to open your post in HTML.

4. Then you have to search for the written word.

5. After this you have to past the given code in place of that word.

Before pasting the code, you have to change something in the code . you have to enter your button name in place of the BUTTON and, where # is written give your link URL.

If you want, you can design the button in your own way. You can change the "background color, font size, font style, border" addicted if you want. And it is very easy.

If you want to change the Background of the button, then you have to enter your color code in coad  #c40d13 place.

Exp - 

    Black  = #000000
    White  = #ffffff
    Read   =  #ff0000
    Green  = #00ff00
    Blue    =  #0000ff
    Darkmagenta  =  #9e049e

You can watch this video for more information.

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