In this post, we will learn what the blog is about and why you should do it.

Many people do not even know what is the difference between blog and website .

A website is a platform that you can build on WordPress Html or PHP. On the website you enter information about your product.

Blog is often a part of a website, it is like a news bulletin for that website.

There are three types of blog. Personal blog,  Niche blog  and Corporate blog

1.Personal blog, 

    A personal blog is what people start with no goal. On which people sometimes write Poem Ever own prosonl experience. Which has no existence . Many people turn it on and then turn it off because there is no benefit from this blogging, it is almost your personal diary that becomes an open book on the internet, nowadays people do not do much personal, because of the arrival of Facebook Instagram  After that people spend more of their time there, they prefer to share their personal lifestyle.

2. Niche Blog   

    On making a bloge on any particular subject or topic, it is called Niche Blog.  As Health is a niche and in the Health blog you can write a post on any topic related to it. 

    Mainly niche blog consists of 20 to 30 posts.  Such blogs are made keeping in mind any specific traffic.  Here you can monetize the blog through Adsense, Affilliate marketing and ebook.

What is a blog and why should do it ?

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Why Create a Niche Blog?

    Niche Blog's keywords rank better in Google than any authority site.  If you can write a good SEO optimize post by creating a niche site, then there is more chance to rank your blog quickly.

    This type of blog is better for passive income, once you have done SEO by creating a complete blog, you do not need to do any hard work.  It will keep you earning till life time without working.

    Despite not having much traffic on the Niche website, you can make a good income from it, because the traffic you get in it is targeted traffic.  For this reason, its conversion rate is also high.


The advantages and disadvantages of Niche blogging

    Niche blogging is a benefit in itself.  If you are interested about a particular topic, then it will be very easy for you to write many blog posts about that topic.  If we talk about earning money from our blog, then blogging niche is very beneficial for that.

How is that now ?

    Niche blog traffic is targeted.  That is, that traffic has come to your blog looking for only what the prospect readers are interested in.  For this you can put affiliate ads according to its relevancy.  The conversion rates on Niche blog are higher than on any other websites.  Another big advantage is that the search engine prefers niche sites before any other sites.

What is a blogging and why should do it ?

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3. Corporate blog

       Corporate Blogging has no prosonl purpose. People use it as their bulletin in the organization and through corporate blogging, they share their contact with the help of their target audience which after all benefits their company.