Frame Tipe Status editing in Kinemasrer / Whatsapp Status Editing 

Hello friends, 
    In this video I have told you how you can make a good video for which you will need a mobile phone and application which will be in your phone 

If Kinemasrer is not stall in your phone then its link  You will find it below , you will download it from there and some material has been used in this video, its link is given below, you can download it from there, after that you can make such videos, for this you can see the video in full.

If you are having trouble in editing, then tell me in the comment, I will bring the solution of your problem, If you need any more information, then you can also tell me this in the comment and if  Like this video, please like this page and send this page to your friends too.

Download Video Editing File :-
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