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            "I have explained in this video how you can make a Boy Attitude video, which is taxed, as well as a picture and effects, and it is very easy to make such videos,  You watch the video completely and in the last you have been told that how you can download whatever text or images have been used in the video, so, watch the video completely, and if you have any problem  If you are facing it, then tell me on WhatsApp or with the help of email, I will try to solve it, and friends, if you like the video, then like this post, and you have come here from YouTube,  So you must like the video of YouTube, and if there is any kind of problem, then you can also tell in the comment of the video there, I will answer you there too."

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पगली हमारे #Editing की तो बात ही ना ❌ कर... 
हम #Famous है 😉 उसकी वजह हमारा 
😎 Attitude है... तभी तो पुरी 🌍 Duทia कहती है.... 
लगता 🤓 बच्चा है, पर सबका 😉 बाप है